Tamara Small


Hey! My name is Tamara and I would love to be a successful film producer in the future. Filmmaking, for me, is where the magic happens. The idea to ‘make-believe’, and the limitless possibilities of visual storytelling, is something that I have always loved about film. When I was a kid I became fascinated by how these stories were made, and the idea that we can have these shared memories and experiences with cinema. Every now and then my family would take out our old home movies that were recorded on a Super 8 camera and watch them projected on a screen. It is always great fun to sit back, have a laugh, and reflect on those moments of my childhood.

Likes: Coffee shops, Japan, Triple J, West Coast Eagles, Hamish and Andy, the Jamaican Bobsled Team
Dislikes: Humid Weather, most 80’s music, bad remakes, 3D, Eddie McGuire