Shy, little Molly is determined to finish her big lunch before the siren sounds.
While the other kids have already eaten and are off having fun, Molly watches on, still eating.
During lunch, an encounter between Molly and a new friend brings the possibility
of food, footy & friendship.

Running Time
9 Minutes 51 Seconds


Cassandra Nguyen              Tamara Small
Writer / Director                     Producer

Deland Tay                         Adriel Bong
Cinematographer                   Film Editor

Kate Hart                             Alex Cahill
Production Designer              Production Sound Mixer / Sound Designer

Kevin Penkin                      Kelly Cameron
Composer                            Script Supervisor / Assistant Art Director

Arun Raj                             Mhairi Stewart
Key Grip / Gaffer                  1st Assistant Director

Alison Rodrigues                Felix Thoran
2nd Assistant Director           Boom Operator

Zoe Bloor                            Rachel Tay
Production Assistant             Title/Graphic Design

Ali Roberts                          Rosalyn Tay & Choon Chong
Acting Coach                        Caterers


Chantelle Wong                   Dylan Tucker
Molly                                    Sam

Annabelle Tan                     Patrick Garlett
Molly’s mother                      Jack

Thalys Gomes                     Noah D’Annunzio
Boy 1                                   Boy 2

Tom Davin
Football Commentator